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Why Allergen Friendly Snacking Is Great, Even If You Don’t Have Food Allergies?

We started Lovely Day Bar as an activity family that loves to be outdoors and involved in sports like running, badminton and softball – we always are in need of good, clean snacks.  However, with some of the family not being able to eat nuts, dairy and generally trying to avoid certain ingredients like soy – finding a bar was nearly impossible! 


We call it Lovely Day, as we want to add a small part of the day being lovely for those that have food allergies and intolerances, since they can enjoy a snack bar that tastes great, no trade-off just because it is allergy friendly.  And for everyone, snacking always makes a day more lovely!


What the other half of our family noticed as made the switch to removing ingredients from our diet is how much better they felt too!  Everyone’s journey is different, particularly when it comes to this, but we have found by eliminating ingredients even when you don’t have an allergy or intolerance, can help you feel better.  And the best part, there are so many options now out there in every category from jerky to breads to cookies and of course, snack bars too! 

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