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If you have questions or concerns that are not answered here, please contact us at

What is Lovely Day Bars™  about?

We want to provide you with a safe product that is great tasting…. no trade-offs just because it is allergy friendly. That is our mission and promise, to ensure that you can enjoy a great tasting snack bar safely!

Are your products non-GMO and Gluten Free?
Yes they are! All our ingredients are non-GMO and our bars are gluten free. We stand behind the quality of our ingredients and the integrity of our suppliers.

How can I be sure that these are safe from nuts?
The facility where our products are produced is completely peanut and nut free (except for coconuts)! We want to ensure that everyone who has a nut allergy or sensitivity is safe

What happens if I am not satisfied or want to return my shipment?
We are sorry to hear that. Email us at and tell us what's going on and we'll respond and try to make it right. Your satisfaction is very important to us, so we will try to make sure you are happy.

Where can I find nutritional and ingredient information for your products?
Please refer to the product pages for each bars unique nutritional form and ingredient information. If you have any questions though, you can always reach out to us at

Are your products plant-based?
Yes, all Lovely Day Bars use plant-based ingredients and are vegan!

Does your product contain sesame?
Lovely Day Bars do not contain sesame, however, the manufacturer also processes sesame in their facility, so please be aware of this.

Does your product contain coconut?
Lovely Day Bars do not contain coconut, however, the manufacturer also processes coconut in their facility, so please be aware of this.

Where do you ship?
Currently we only ship within the contiguous United States.

Where can I find you in retail?
Just use our store locator by putting in your address and it will show you the location closest to you that sells Lovely Day Bars.